Boston North Shore Study

Regional Saugus River Floodgate Project - Everett, Lynn, Malden, Revere and Saugus, Massachusetts

Flood Locations & Depths

Behind Revere Beach

1,300 buildings with depths of flooding reaching 5-7 feet in 1978. The SPN depth would reach 8-10.5 feet from overtopping the beach seawalls and the riverbanks via the Saugus and Pines Rivers.  Major transportation arteries are inundated including US#1, 1A, 107, B&M Commuter Rail and MBTA Blue Line (out of service 6 weeks in '78).

Revere Beach Park Dike Revere Beach Park Dike 2020


Point of Pines, Revere

370 homes flooded 2.5-4 feet in ’78.  The SPN levels would reach 4.5-6 ft. with over 3,000 acre-feet of water surging over the walls from Broad Sound and, as in ’78, tides also overtop by the Yacht Club and over the Lynnway via the Saugus & Pines Rivers.

Slide13 Point of Pines


Point of Pines Oceanside Wall - SPN Storm:  Stillwater Tide Level approaches elevation 13 Feet NGVD with 9 foot wave heights in Broad Sound and 30 foot runup on seawalls.

Point of Pines Oceanside Wall2


Town Line / Linden Brooks & Northgate Floodplains

In the Town Line/Linden Brooks area-- Revere has 800 buildings, Maldin 210 & Everett 100; some buildings flooded 3-4 feet deep in ‘78.

See Photos in section Town Line Brook Channel which shows flooding issues.

In the Northgate area, Revere has 180 buildings. flooded up to 3 feet in ’78 with the SPN 7 ft.



Town of Saugus

900 buildings in the floodplain.

3-6 feet of flooding in ‘78 damaged 600 homes & businesses in East Saugus. The SPN flood would reach 5 - 9 feet deep.

Also, 300 buildings in the Upper Saugus River & Shute Brook areas flooded up to 5 feet in ‘78. SPN depths could reach 7-8 feet.

See March 1, 2020 photos of Saugus area and shoreline.


City of Lynn

1,200 buildings in the floodplain, with half being residential and half commercial/ industrial. 1978 flood levels were 2- 5 feet deep, the SPN flood would reach depths of 4-8 feet.

Slide17 City of Lynn


Lynn Harbor Wall, SPN Storm: Stillwater Tide Level approaches elevation 13 Feet NGVD with 9 foot wave heights in Broad Sound and 30 foot runup on seawalls.

Lynn Harbor Wall Illustration2

 Lynn Harbor Wall Bulkhead

General Electric River Works & Lynn homes along the Saugus River flooded with 2.5 to 4 feet of water in ’78.   The SPN would reach or exceed 4-6 feet deep.



The Danger of Future Floods

Flood Levels From Storm Surge

(Elevations in Ft. NGVD, or approx. feet above mean sea level)

 Flood Levels from Storm Surge

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