Boston North Shore Study

Regional Saugus River Floodgate Project - Everett, Lynn, Malden, Revere and Saugus, Massachusetts

Plans Evaluated

Option #1:  Local Protection Plans
Developed areas in each community were surrounded with dikes, walls, revetments & sand dunes/beach

Option #2:  Non-structural Plans
Individual buildings were flood proofed,  or raised and warning systems developed

Option #3:  A plan to protect the entire region using a Saugus River Floodgate with walls, dikes, beach & dunes along the shore front, purchase & protect the Estuary for runoff storage & environmental resources & non-structural measures.


Option #1: Local Protection Plans (LPPs)

The 5 separate LPPs were not supported due to 4-12 foot high walls & dikes along the shores impacting views & wetlands, and need to maintain & close 80 gated openings.


Local Protection Plans



Option #1: SPN Flood + 1Ft Sea Level Rise

(Elevations in Ft. NGVD, or approx. feet above mean sea level)

Option1 SPN Flood 1Ft Sea Level Rise


Option #2: Nonstructural Plan For Residential & Commercial Buildings

Non-structural measures alone were not supported since only 7% of buildings were feasible for flood proofing or raising, and the uncertainty of evacuating over 4,000 to 10,000 people in such high levels of flooding.

Option2 Nonstructural plan


Option #3: Regional Project Protects Entire Area

Option3 Regional Project


Plan Comparison

  Option #1
5 LPPs
Option #2
Option #3
Regional Plan
Buildings Protected 4,320 240 5,000
Percent Protected 86% 7% 100%
Length of Structures 9.8 Miles N/A 3.5 Miles
Wetlands Lost, Mitigated 34 Acres None 3 Acres
Estuary Protection No No Yes
Loss of Views High, up to 12 ft.
High Walls/Dikes
NIL 15-20 Homes at
Point of Pines
Level of Flood Protection      
City of Lynn, East Saugus 500 Yr 0-100 Yr SPN
Town Line Brook 100 N/A SPN
Point of Pines w/Dunes Only SPN 0-100 SPN
Revere Beach Backshore 100-SPN 0-100 SPN
Northgate, Outer Oak Island No 0-100 SPN
Upper Saugus River, Rt. 107, B&M No No SPN
Crescent Beach 100 0-100 100
Plan Economics (2019 Price Level, $ Millions)
First Cost $183 $19 $220
Average Annual Benefits $23.37 $3.61 $28.28
Average Annual Cost $17.80 $1.81 $22.29
Average Annual Net Benefits $5.57 $1.8 $5.99
Benefit-to-Cost Ratio 1.3 2.0 1.3
National Economic Development Plan No No Yes
Benefits & costs updated from 1988 with a construction cost index
Complete, Efficient Yes Yes Yes
Effective Partial
w/ 80 Gates
No Highest
Acceptable to Sponsor Minimal Minimal High
National Economic Development Plan No No Yes

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