Boston North Shore Study

Regional Saugus River Floodgate Project - Everett, Lynn, Malden, Revere and Saugus, Massachusetts

Restoration Plan Features, Benefits & Costs

Plan Features

Slide82 Plan Features



Breaching Two I-95 Openings

Slide83.Breaching Twoi95 Openings


Improved Drainage for East Saugus

Slide83 ESaugus



East Saugus Wall & Berm Sections

Generally Features are 2 Feet Higher Than Existing Ground Levels

Slide84 ESaugus Wall Berm Sections



Plan Benefits

  • Increase flushing & tide levels to 500 acres of Estuary.
  • Restore tidal flushing and tide levels to 440 acres of wetlands to full productivity.
  • Improve nursery and feeding habitat for 38 species of fish, birds & wildlife.
  • Increase productivity by 18,000 pounds/year of organic matter to feed fish & wildlife.
  • Eliminate most of the phragmites reed, return area to productive high marsh, & improve views & aesthetics.
  • Eliminate most fires in the phragmite reeds.
  • Eliminate 90 to 99% of dreaded marsh mosquito.
  • Improve drainage system for East Saugus.
  • Meet the requests of Federal and State Agencies and local interests.


Preliminary Cost of Restoration


First Costs 2020 Price Level
Widen/Breach I-95 Openings $2,865,000
Stone Protection:  
     Tower & 107 Bridge 180,000
East Saugus:  
     Walls, Berms, Drainage 2,719,000
Lands, Easements, Rights of Way 1,320,000
Planning, Engineering & Design 1,140,000
Construction Management 370,000
Savings w/Regional Project -1,900,000
                                               Total Cost $6,690,000
Federal Cost, if implemented (75%) $5,000,000
Non-Federal Cost, if implemented (25%) $1,690,000


Project Justification

Total project investment* $2,760,000 (1991 Price Level)

Would restore/prevent the loss of about 100 acres --- or a cost of $27,600 per acre of wetlands.

This compares to the cost of 2 other Corps projects at $100,000 per acre in 1991 to replace wetlands.


The high ecological quality benefits, low comparable cost, public support & federal interest warrants further investigation.

*includes first cost, interest during construction & savings with regional floodgate project.

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