Boston North Shore Study

Regional Saugus River Floodgate Project - Everett, Lynn, Malden, Revere and Saugus, Massachusetts

Project Costs, Timeline & Environmental Opportunity

Project provides opportunity to enhance 500 acres of upper Estuary by breaching I-95 Embankment.  It will be exempted from the ACEC Designation as it is approved by CZM through its Federal Consistency Review.

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 reduction in average

average annual project benefits

Project Cost Estimate


Project First Cost at 2020 price levels  $231.5 million
  • The federal government would finance 64%
 Federal Cost (64%) $149 million
Non-Federal cost (36%) $82.5 million**

** includes: Lands, Easements, Rights-of-Ways, Relocations, & Cash Contribution

Non-federal Operation, Maintenance & Replacements $600,000/year

*Updated to 2020 p. l. using construction cost index.

*Costs incl. Planning, Engineering & Design (PE&D), Construction Mgt (CM) & Real Estate (RE) & Relocation (R) of utilities costs


Non-Federal Costs

Pre-Construction Cash:

    Update Design & Permits 

(Cost Shared 64/36)                                

  Planning, Engineering & Design (P,E&D)

(Incls. $1,140k for Envir. Restor./E. Saugus Mitigation.)

 Total Cash Prior to Construction  $7,290,000* 
Costs During Construction:  
  Lands: Estuary & Other $25,350,000
  Relocate Utilities 1,900,000
  Recreation/Park Dike 3,100,000
  Cash Contribution 44,890,000
Total Non-Federal Cost $82,530,000

Note: Total non-Fed cost to COMPLETE P,E&D & Updates = $7.3 million.


Project First Cost & O&M By Feature

  Preliminary 2020 Price Level*    
  First Cost   O&M
Floodgate Structure  $ 148,000,000    $325,000/year 
 Lynn Harbor  32,000,000    29,000 
 Point of Pines (w/revet.) 16,000,000    23,000 
 Parkland Dike, Wall, Tide Gate  11,000,000    31,000 
 Mitigation Site 1,000,000    4,000 
 Estuary Acquisition 16,000,000      Envir.Mgr.:  186,000 
 Sub-Total $224,000,000    $598,000 
Environ. Restor. (Breach i-95)  $6,600,000   $7,000
Update Feasibility Rpt.& Staff 900,000 Total $605,000 /year
Total First Cost $231,500,000    
SAY $230,000,000   average Annual  

*’88/’91 Costs Updated by RS Means Index, incl. PE&D, CM, RE, R

 Average Annual Project Cost

  2019 Price Level
Project First Cost, 2019 P.L.  $221,300,000
Interest During Construction  25,500,000
 Total Investment  $246,800,000
 Interest & Amortization on Investment
(8 7/8%, 100 Years)
 Operation, Maintenance & Replacements   600,000
 Total Average Annual Cost  $22,500,000


Project Economic Justification

2019 Price level

Average annual benefits:  $ 28,500,000

Average annual cost:  $ 22,500,000

Average annual net benefits:  $ 6,000,000

Benefit-to-Cost Ratio (BCR):  1.3 to 1.0

The benefits and costs reflect a one (1) foot rise in sea level.  Since there is a strong indication that sea level is accelerating, benefits will rise much higher with only a marginal change in costs, since the Floodgates would be designed to be easily modified for the higher rates of sea level rise.  Benefits are not included for preventing damages to the Town Line/Linden Brooks Area of  Everett, Revere & Malden, nor to the Upper Saugus River & Shute Brook areas of Saugus, or benefits to provide a safe harbor of refuge.


The Governor can request the Corps to resume the process through public support.

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